Welcome to Precision Tower Systems

40 Years in the Tower Business
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Precision Tower Systems manufactures self support and guyed towers. We also supply all related hardware and components for complete engineered tower and antenna systems for the commercial broadcast industry.

Our main offices are in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA.   We also have offices in Miami FL and Republic of Panama. The Jacksonville facility houses our main factory for guyed and self-support structures.

PTS officers have more than 40 years experience -- fabrication and erection of communication towers and antenna systems for commercial broadcasters in TV, AM and FM radio, PCS, and government agencies (federal, state, local, and emergency).

Our clients include commercial broadcasters (television, AM/FM, and PCS carriers) and government agencies (federal, state, and local).

For manufacture, erection, maintenance, and emergency services, please contact us for a quote or submit your questions on our contact page.

We can also meet your Power Tower Structure, Cell Tower Structure and Highway infrastructure steel sign hangar needs.